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Yogesh Joshi is a Great Man, a Professional and true International Leader in the World of Public Relations & Communication Business. For so many years I know Yogesh and I have been monitoring closely his amazing activity not only in native India, but also in many other countries around the world. He has deep knowledge of the business environment in India.

He is well respected leader of one of the main communities in the field - Association of Business Communicators of India. It is a real pleasure talk to Yogesh, to argue with him and also - to listen to his knowledge, experience, arguments and wise conclusions.

Maxim Behar
Chairman, M3 Communications
Sofia, Bulgaria

Yogesh Joshi – The Man of all Situations

Ever since I first met Yogesh, back in 2013, he has continued to feature with increasing prominence in my professional life and engagements.

I was President of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) when I first received an invitation to attend and speak at the annual ‘Comfest’ in Mumbai, India, organised by the Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI), of which Yogesh remains President. I have since returned to speak at the inaugural Brand India Summit in 2016, also convened by the unstoppable Yogesh Joshi. With us were several professional members of the Geneva, Switzerland, based World Communication Forum, of which both Yogesh and I are active members.

It was also while attending the India Brand Summit that the Idea I had been working on for several months, to host the South Africa Brand Summit (www.sabrandsummit.co.za), got kicked into motion. The Indian inspiration was most helpful. I am much delighted that Yogesh will use the South Africa Brand Summit as a reason for his first visit to South Africa, a country that is home to a large Indian diaspora and that shares a lot of history with India.

Ever since I met Yogesh, I have learned to admire his love for India, people, and for making a positive difference, both in India and in the people in his life. Many of the people in his life, other than his family, are professionals in PR & Corporate Communications from many parts of the world. He cares about their development, as well as about the development and positioning of the business of PR & Corporate Communications in India and across the world. In his own way, Yogesh has become an icon in the industry; he never runs out of ideas to share and of an advice to offer.

Some might underestimate him by his soft, often measured, tone, but Yogesh is a force to reckon with in professional circles; and he is a true pleasure to know and to share ideas with. I am delighted to be part of Yogesh’s inaugural professional website and have no doubt that it will export his brand even further across the globe.

Managing Director
DonValley Reputation Managers
Cape Town, South Africa


President of ABCI

As communication professionals we can be the catalysts in the creation of new knowledge economies. Developing nations can be brought to a level playing field and transformed into thriving knowledge economies. This goal can be achieved through the sharing of knowledge, skills and insights.

I dream of the day when the notion of ‘developing nations’ is replaced by the overwhelming reality of a single global community with common concerns and aspirations across geographies. We must believe in that dream and work to realize it. For therein lies the future.

- Yogesh Joshi,